Friday, November 11, 2011

Questioning My New Job

Hey guys!

So....I spent a couple weeks looking for a job. I'm 18 and it felt like it was time to get one. So after searching and searching for one...I went into Hooters to eat, one of the managers came up to our table to see how we were doing  and somehow got on the subject about me finding a job. He gave me an application and said that we would talk right after I got done eating, I was actually excited! So me and the manager did a little chit chat and the head manager happened to walk by and he right then said that I was hired and to come in the next Monday and I did! We did orientation that day, and I also got my uniform and all the things that I needed to study. He told me to come in on Thursday at 9am.....early! I was so nervous that morning, I was afraid no one would like me and that they would ignore me. I felt so lost and out of place since it's my first job and all. My first day was training, I followed another Hooters Girl around for 4 hours so I could get the idea of what my job is. There's so much to it, I am usually NOT a people person, I'm not the best at conversations and whatnot (Trying to change that). Anyways, today was Veterns Day......which means the restaurant was JAM-PACKED. I was actually scared of this now! This was my second day and they already put me on the floor. They assigned me to be a hostess for the night and help clean up tables and run food to customers if I needed to....UGH. This is coming from a girl with absolutely no waitressing experience at all, I was so lost. Tonight was just chaotic and it got me to thinking. You have to try things out in life to see if it's something that you're good at, to see if it's your nitch, and I found out tonight, that I am no waitress. I plan on telling my manager that this isn't for me and that there's no point in having someone working for you that doesn't wanna be there....but at the same time I don't wanna look like I'm giving up. I'll think real hard about it, and see what my heart says. but for now, I'm home thinking about how much I love the cold weather that's finally here! I could see my breath tonight! I plan on making some hot chocolate and watching a movie for the rest of the night. So come back tomorrow to see what happens next with my job.

Brooke xoxo

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