Sunday, November 13, 2011

How my night turned out...

Soooo, my night didn't turn out that bad at all. I went to the movies and got Starbucks afterward. I bundled up in my white Winter coat and my black boots, it felt nice. When I got home, I played with my puppy, Zoey. She always makes me feel better, she comes and sits on my lap and stares up at me. Haha it's like she knows when I'm feeling blue. She's like my tiny best friend. Considering she is a 3 pound teacup Chihuahua Hahaha <3 I got her for my Birthday this past June, it was the greatest!  Anyways, I'm sitting here watching episodes of the old sitcom "Roseanne", it's always been a favorite. I'm also hoping tomorrow will be nice out, sunny and blue skies always make things better :) See you guys tomorrow!

Brooke xoxo

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