Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Sunday afternoon...

Today was a nice day. The weather wasn't freezing, but it was still cool out. I went with my Grandma to my Great Aunt's farm. She has horses, chickens, turkeys, dogs and a mule. We went out there just to hang out and visit, it was nice. I'm pretty excited for Thanksgiving! I get to go to Louisville, KY with all my family and stay at my Aunt's house there. It'll be lots of fun, we're gonna cook the Thanksgiving dinner at home! We're also gonna be doing Black Friday!!!! That'll be chaotic I'm sure, but loads of fun! The Holidays are always a wonderful time, so many great things happen. :) What's on everyone's wishlist for Christmas? I hope to buy myself an iPhone 4 finally! We'll see how it goes! but have a great day tomorrow everyone! See ya then!

Brooke xoxo

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